Signature Roodeberg blend is a 2021 Shiraz SA Challenge Champion

14 July 2021

Dr Charles Niehaus, the iconic signature red wine named after Roodeberg’s illustrious founder, is a Top Three champion for South African Shiraz Blends in the 2021 Shiraz SA Challenge.

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KWV heeding the global need for sustainability

07 July 2021

“Being a good human being is good business.” - Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur and writer

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A single South African wine cellar secures a trophy at Concours Mondial 2021

05 July 2021

KWV wine cellar takes home global honour with ‘patriotic’ Cape Blend and impresses with its rosé

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2021 Harvest beginning and season trends to date.

01 March 2021

To sit and reflect, at this time every year, on the season behind and project into the future for vintage, is normally a jovial fool’s errand with perhaps 50/50 success, but fun none the less. This year is a very, very different animal. From lockdown immediately after harvest 2020, alcohol bans, COVID19 through the year to date.

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