Cruxland Gin

Cruxland infused with Kalahari Truffles
The indigenous inhabitants of the Kalahari tell of secret treasures in the sand; sent down in crackling bursts of power from the skies. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the nomadic people of the desert would look to the heavens, watching thunderclouds and setting out when lightning struck, searching for delicate, X-shaped cracks in the arid earth. As it happens, these “treasures” are N’abbas; rare Kalahari desert truffles that burst from the ground when rain and autumn moisture cause them to swell. Rare even in their natural soil, these delicacies grow far apart and are hard to find without the help of a skilled N’abbas hunter.

KWV has revived these treasures of the earth, hand-crafting a small batch of premium gin from grape spirits infused with the exotic taste of the Kalahari truffle and 9 signature botanicals, unlocking unique characteristics resulting in an extra-smooth finish.

A clear, fragrant liquid, Cruxland Gin infused with Kalahari Truffles boasts notes of fresh juniper and lemon, further enhanced by coriander and spices with an earthy character from the Kalahari truffles.

Cruxland infused with Black Winter Truffles
Deep in die forests of Southwest France, on crisp winter mornings, shadows would appear in this mist, moving slowly and attentively between the towering hazelnut and oak trees. As they come closer, the shadows start taking shape and an elderly man is seen with a basket in his one hand and an enormous hog at his side, ever searching for the elusive Périgord “black winter” truffle. Now, after 200 years, the truffles have made their way south and chose to settle surreptitiously in the rich soil of Southern Africa, daring us to unearth its secrets and flavours.

KWV’s master distillers took on the challenge and created a singular world-class gin infused with the enigmatic Black Winter truffle and blended with 13 signature botanicals. They created a unique experience of a flavoursome and luscious London Dry gin exuding complexity.

Cruxland Gin infused with Black Winter Truffles is a tantalising combination of warm spice, citrus and floral finished off with the infusion of Black Winter Truffles which adds to the earthy notes.